Course Offerings

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Act 48 Course: 3 hours

Covering the Model Code of Ethics for Educators, the PA Code of Professional Practice & Conduct for Educators, the Professional Standards & Practices Commission and the Educator Discipline Act.  Then we  facilitate group discussions of case studies incorporating the content of these docs , agency and statute.

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PIL Course: 25 hours

Covering the same four building blocks as the Act 48 course, these school and system leaders and CTC administrators then teach these materials to a professional learning community within their home LEA.  Case studies are covered as well.  PLC educators teach a model lesson to their students based upon a student code of conduct.  PLCs have continued to meet and discuss ethical issues after our course ended.

Tom Bailey, Esq.

Civil and criminal defense litigator in Harrisburg, PA and Wilmington, NC (1986-1991).

Social studies teacher (grades 8-12) at Girard College, Philadelphia, while attending Temple University's Intern Teaching Program (1992-1993).

Social studies teacher (grades 11-12) at Edison-Fairera Skill Center, Frankford HS and Simon Gratz HS, School District of Philadelphia (1993-1999).

Social studies teacher (grades 9-12) at Hempfield Area HS, Hempfield Area School District, Greensburg, PA (1999-retired 2018)

Reinstated PA Law License and became Pennsylvania Department of Education Approved Act 48 Provider 2020; PDE approved  PIL Provider 2022.


Paul Fox

State Chair of Pennsylvania Music Educators Association (PMEA) Council for Teacher Training, Recruitment and Retention.

Retired public school teacher (music in grades K-12) from Edgewood School District (2 years) and Upper St. Clair School District (33 years) 

Performing Arts Curriculum Leader (2006-2013) for the
Upper St. Clair School District

Presenter, author, blogger, and publisher of more than a dozen articles and 20 workshops/webinars on educator ethics.