Frequently Asked Questions

Where are upcoming classes posted?
Click on Upcoming Classes in top menu bar.  Both upcoming PIL and Act 48 classes are shown.  You will also see specific dates/times of upcoming class sessions and outline of topics to be covered.

What are the deadlines for PDE's professional education requirement extensions?

PDE has pushed back the professional development compliance periods for educators and school or system leaders with current compliance periods through July 8, 2023; extends deadline for paraprofessionals to comply with continuing education requirements to June 30, 2023.

You will need to supply your PPID Number for me to enter your hours on PERMS.  Do you have your PPID Number? 

A PPID Number is a unique number assigned by the PA Department of Education (PDE) to every individual in PA who holds a professional certificate in education. If you hold a certificate to work as an educator in the Commonwealth, you have a PPID. You can find your PPID on PDE's website. PDE uses this number to record all Act 48 hours earned by an educator.

Why do you have two Act 48 courses: one for CTC instructors and one for school district educators?

The course ending ten point quiz covers the same concepts in both courses.

In our opinion, however, ethics already plays a major role within the certification of CTC Instructors and the "tasks" to be completed in their shops statewide. CTC certifications emphasize professionalism.  In addition, CTC Instructors teach the ethics code of their target professions.

As a result, we offer two similar, but different 4 hour, Act 48 courses to educators.  The case studies have different settings based upon the contrasting facilities within a CTC and a school district setting.  In addition, Session Four's Ethics PLC and Ethics Classroom lessons are different.