Act 48 - Professional Ethics: PA Codes & School Law - 
  • Awards 4 Continuing Professional Development Hours on PERMS
  • Composed of four, one hour sessions.
  • Cost is $130 per participant.
  • Approved by PDE in June, 2023 to include required Professional Ethics Framework standards.

We offer different versions of our Act 48 Course to Career & Technical Centers (CTC) than we do to School Districts.

  • The case studies have different settings based upon the contrasting facilities and class schedules within a CTC and a school district setting.  
  • Most CTC Shops already instruct and assess their students on the professional ethical code the students will need to follow when they work in that occupation.  As a result our Session Four Ethics PLC and Model  Classroom lessons are different.  

Act 48 Course Description- This Course equips participants with knowledge of the:

  • Model Code of Ethics for Educators;
  • PA Code of Professional Practice & Conduct for Educators
  • differences between a code of ethics and a code of conduct;
  • Educators Discipline Act; and 
  • PA Professional Standards & Practices Commission.

Learning Objectives:  Educators will learn:

  • What are the four, fundamental concepts of the "Ethical equilibrium" designed to aid educators in making ethical decisions?
  • What is the difference between a moral and ethical standard?
  • What are the five principles of the Model Code of Ethics for Educators (MCEE)?
  • List at least four characteristics that differentiate a code of ethics from a code of conduct.
  • Distinguish between the roles played by PDE's Office of Chief Counsel and the Professional Standards & Practices Commission within PDE's professional disciplinary process.
  • Identify the Pennsylvania code for educator conduct, violation of which could result in loss of certification to teach in this state.
  • Identify two values, one required behavior and one prohibited behavior written into the PA Code of Conduct.  Do you agree or disagree with these examples?
  • After discussing the Boundaries Case Study, explain how the PA Code of Conduct informs your practice as an educator?
  • In  state discipline, what form is filed with PDE alleging an educator acted inappropriately?
  • What happened to the number of Educator Misconduct Complaints filed with PDE between 2011 and 2019?
  • What state statute is referenced in the Code of Professional Practice and Conduct for Educators giving PDE the power to initiate legal action to sanction an educator's teaching certificate?
  • If Commission members determine that an educator has violated state law, what sanctions may the Commission impose on the educator?
  • Would the voluntary creation and operation of an Ethics Professional Learning Committee help LEA educators make better professional decisions? Why or why not?

Course Requirements:
  • Registration fee of $130 is paid at Upcoming Classes page via PayPal or by School District or Career Technology Center check.  
  • This course consists of four, one hour, online sessions.  Upon successful completion of this course, participants earn four (4) Act 48 hours on PERMS.  We enter the hours; send certificate.
  • Requirements to complete the course are to appear in person, via camera, throughout all four sessions. If a Participant is absent for a session, the full session is made up at subsequent date/time.  
  • The Participant must also score 6 out of 10 total items correct on post-session assessments.  Participants must submit PDE Survey 3527 and all post-session assessments to Mr Bailey within two weeks of completion of Session 4. 
  • *If  your school entity is awarding the PERMS hours, we are able to present the same content  over two different class schedules.  We combine asynchronous and synchronous presentations for In-Service sessions.
  • First, participants review content material on their time in asynchronous, pre-recorded sessions.  Interactive discussion of case studies covering the prior content would follow through live, synchronous sessions.  Contact me for details and cost quote.