Have you received a Notice of Charges?

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Notice of Charges

  • Following their investigation of an Educator Misconduct Complaint, Office of Chief Counsel (OCC) may file a formal accusation of misconduct with the PA Professional Standards & Practices Commission (Commission).
  • This is called a Notice of Charges (Notice).
  • The statute the OCC is following is called the Educator Discipline Act.
  • Copy served upon the educator. 
  • If you do not respond to the Notice  it is possible that the Commission will treat each allegation in the Notice as true.  
  • The Commission could then proceed to impose discipline on your teaching certification assuming every allegation in the Notice is true.

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File Answer with Commission

  • Answer agreeing with charges and moving to penalty phase; or
  • Answer disagreeing with charges and requesting hearing.
  • Hearing Officer (HO) appointed
  • Local Education Agency intervention?
  • Pre-hearing conference
  • Closed Hearing not open to public.  Not jury trial.
  • Receipt of transcript and sub- mission of written memoranda to HO;
  • HO issues proposed Report including Findings of Fact, Conclusions of Law and Recommended Discipline.
  • Exceptions filed?
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Oral Argument of Exceptions before Commission

  • Once the Commission has received Exceptions  and Responses, it's members will hear arguments in favor and against Exceptions to HO Report.
  • Final Vote by Commission members to accept, modify or reject HO Report.