Links to PA Educator Ethics Videos

Review of PA Commonwealth Court opinion by President Judge Jubelirer explaining who sued who and for what.  In February, 2023, the Court ruled the funding formula created by the PA General Assembly violated the Education and Equal Protection Clauses of the PA Constitution.  May 30, 2023; 32 minutes.

Paul Fox discusses the five principles of this code of ethics used by teachers across the country.  Paul raises ethical issues common in our classrooms.  He then applies the MCEE principles to identify the type of issue involved and  suggests ways to resolve the issues and avoid it in the future. June 6, 2023; 27 minutes. 

Having been updated in 2021, the PA Code of Conduct was heavily amended.  The text emphasizes an educators commitment to his/her student, commitment to fellow staff and commitment to the profession.  We view an online copy of the document to see several examples of the new language. June 13, 2923; 28 minutes.


Six of the 13 members of this Commission are active or retired classroom educators!  

This Commission has two important roles within the PA Department of Education.  The Commission was set up in the 1970's to make recommendations to the State Board of Education regarding teacher and school/system leader certification.

In the early 1990's the Educator Discipline Act was amended to assign the Commission to adjudicate educator misconduct cases brought to it by PDE's Office of Chief Counsel.   June 20, 2023; 28 minutes.

This is the state law that decides what type of conduct could result in PA educators being disciplined.  It involves what educators do at work and while you are not at work.  I  review the process PDE takes to review an educator misconduct complaint.  In addition, should Notice of Charges be filed, I preview the procedure followed if an educator requests a hearing before the Professional Standards & Practices Commission. June 27, 2023. 34 minutes.