Why I write 

these blogs.

I practiced law for five years.  Then I switched careers and became a high school teacher for 26 years.  Retiring from the classroom in 2018, I reinstated my law license in 2020.  

I was not an angel as a teacher.  I made mistakes like we all do.  I am no better or no worse than the educators involved in these court cases.   I write the Educator Court Case blog posts  to learn from their  experiences.  I was not involved in any of these court cases.

With experience in the law profession and another in Pennsylvania's public schools, I  speak two different languages. The William Penn v. PDE Commonwealth Court opinion regarding state funding of our public schools is a mixture of both.  I hope to learn more about the legal issues raised by the petitioners and the responses of the state government officials.   As this legal struggle continues,  I'll post a summary of what I find here.

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